Why You Need Payroll Accounting Software

If you are a business owner and you have to take care of accounting and payroll one of the best things you could do is investigate payroll accounting software packages. This productivity software is widely available and could greatly improve the efficiency of your company in regards to labor, pain, and the amount of time spent on necessary tasks.

When you need to provide payroll, payroll accounting is a very delicate, and very complicated process. If you get payroll right each and every time you do it, no one will say anything to you or even thank you. However, if you get the paychecks wrong one time, all sorts of chaos and turmoil will break loose and not just from employees who want and need their pay, but you could get trouble from various government agencies. Therefore, payroll accounting software is a wonderful way to keep payroll organized. All of the minor details that you would rather not have to worry about on a daily basis, can easily be taken over by payroll accounting software. When you use this software, payroll becomes easier, automated, more streamlined and it makes your life a whole lot easier.

If you are just starting your small business and you only have one location, you can use any type of payroll accounting software that you deem fit to handle the payroll tasks of your business. If there are only a few employees, payroll can be handled quiet easily with an Excel worksheet and a checkbook. However, when the size of your business increases and becomes too big to maintain in a single office space, this is when things can become more and more problematic. If you wind up with multiple locations, a bigger workforce, multiple shift work, various pay grades and promotions, this makes things even more complicated.

When your business and your life gets increasingly more intricate, you will most likely need to invest in a great payroll accounting software so that can help you keep track of things and perform your daily payroll activities. There are numerous good and quality software packages that you can find on the market that will make it easier for you to take care of your payroll duties.

Whether you choose cheap shareware or opt for more expensive dedicated software, there are many paid choices available that work on various levels. The prices of this type of software can differ depending on the type of business, what processes it handles and the number of key features that are available.

Another option is to locate and download free payroll accounting software from one of the numerous free download sites. This is not a bad choice if you have researched the product ahead of time. You should decide ahead of time what features you need, how complicated you need the software to be and what specific tasks you will need the software to take care of.

It is also a good idea to look at reviews of the software package you want on different product review sites. You should find out if the product works well, if it is any good, what other users have said about the item and other pros and cons.

When you have found the right software for your business that meets all of your payroll needs, you only need to download the package, and start getting organized.

Software to Keep Your Small Business on Track

Keep your small business organized and on track by using software. Some small business owners find that personal money management software like Microsoft Money or Quicken can work well for record keeping. Although these programs were not designed for business use, they have advantages:

  • It frequently comes pre-loaded on new computers
  • It may already be familiar software from your personal life.
  • It is very intuitive because it looks just like a checkbook register.
  • It will generate simple reports showing income and expenses.

Since Money and Quicken were not designed for business use, there are disadvantages:

  • It will not create invoices or bill customers.
  • It cannot record payroll and payroll taxes.
  • It will not add sales tax to product sales.
  • It does not track inventory.

Quicken or Money work well if you are in a service business, especially a one-person operation. There are times when you will need accounting software for small businesses such as Quickbooks or Microsoft Office Accounting. Accounting software works better that personal financial software if you send your customers forms such as invoices, receipts or statements for progress billing, or if you manage inventory. Accounting software can:

  • Print checks, pay bills, track sales & expenses
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Create estimates, invoices & reports
  • Track employee time and calculate payroll withholding
  • Download credit card & bank transactions
  • Track inventory and set reorder points
  • Generate financial reports
  • Create business plans, budgets & forecasts

Both programs have tutorials and on-line assistance that can be very helpful. Your local bookstore should also stock several helpful books on popular accounting software packages. You can also hire someone to set up the software for your particular needs. Websites for both software packages list qualified professionals in your area.

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