Right Software for the Job

I am a computer programmer. I have been designing software that businesses have required for 25 years. A short time ago I got interested in affiliate marketing. Although I have been reselling services and marketing my software through more traditional means, I found affiliate marketing to be a nice addition to our marketing campaigns. I added several related services to our web sites for our customers, and they appreciate the links, and I appreciate the bonus money.

Affiliate marketing is a whole new world, and lots of fun as well.

However, I started getting bogged down when I found myself looking through my email to find the links to that forum I liked. Or I couldn’t remember what page I put on certain java scripts for affiliate links. Then there were the different passwords and user names for different membership or affiliate web sites.

It became mind boggling in a hurry!

So what was I to do?

The first thing I did was start searching for a program that could track all my data easily. I did find a program but it was harder to use than searching my Email.

Now there was no choice. I couldn’t find a good program to track my information. I had a good contact program I’ve been working on for 16 years, but it still didn’t have a place to track affiliate information. So, I wrote my own program.

Even though it took me several weeks to write the software, I know from past experience that having the wrong software for a job will cost me plenty. Been there, done that!

Many people think they can get by with generic software. And they can, for a while. But in order to track all the information you need to, efficiently, you need to get software that does a particular job.

For instance, you could track your checkbook with a spreadsheet, or you could purchase one of several programs that are designed particularly to allow you to enter your checks and balance your checkbook. Sure it will work on your spreadsheet, but wouldn’t you rather have a programmer or group of programmers constantly working on your checkbook program to make it better and easier for you, thereby saving you time and money?

How about affiliate marketing. Isn’t it much better to purchase software that is meant to do a job, like an autoresponder for instance, rather than use your email program to try and track who wrote you and categorize your responses by date, etc, etc.

You could write your website with pure html and a word processor, or you could get a program that is specifically made to create a website.

Have you ever watched a person use a butter knife to unscrew something, or pop a lid off of something?

I’m not saying you can’t use an email to respond or a spreadsheet to track your checkbook. I’m just saying in this day and age with all the software available, you are probably wasting your time (therefore your money) by not purchasing a software program that does the specific task you need it to do, rather than fuddle around with something generic.

The other advantage to getting a piece of software that is specific is the updates. Programmers love input and love to update their products. It is their lifestyle. Programs can be works of art. As programmers get input from their customers, you get the benefit of what other customers are doing with the software with every update.

For instance, I have been writing a contact program for years. Unless I happen to think of a new option or need on my own, it is usually a customer that contacts me and suggests I track this, or make a scheduler to do that. But with customers input, the program has grown from barely tracking customers information, to tracking all sorts of schedules, support issues, and a ton of other things I don’t have time to list here.

And that is the way it is with all good software.

When purchasing software, be sure you get to download a live demo. Don’t purchase software based on some pictures or even slide shows on a web site. Those things are important to look at, but get a demo if at all possible. And if you can’t download a demo, make sure there’s a money back guarantee.